Finally, someone made it dirt easy to transfer Flickr pictures to Facebook

Normally, I don't care about Facebook albums. Flickr has many more features, handles it better, and has a more photo-centric community around it. Unfortunately, I'm vain, and want as many people to look at my pictures as possible. I've played with a handful of Facebook applications that "integrate" Flickr into Facebook, but I've never found one that made the transition completely seamless. In fact, it seems as though the "new" Facebook design broke the last Flickr application that I used.

I could re-upload all my photos to Facebook. But why do that when I've already done it once? I just want some back end service to pull selected albums from Flickr and put the files on Facebook. It looks like dudemeister Matt McNamara felt the same way, so he wrote flickurbook. This is a dead-simple, hacked together way to pull photos from Flickr and put them on Facebook. I love it! It's exactly as unpolished of an application as I would have written. This does what I was hoping Oosah would do; Oosah is a start-up that I saw at the Palo Alto new-tech meetup a couple of months ago that boasted being able to do the same thing (remotely manage photos between different sources). Unfortunately, when I tried it, it didn't work. Looks like it would have been overkill anyway, flickurbook does exactly what I want it to do.

PS: Check out my Tahoe pictures
tahoe 027


Alex Hutnik said...

I wish there was a way to publish your Flickr photos in Facebook and have them link only to your original photos on Facebook. Then, using OpenID, you could comment on someone's photos using your Facebook account. Comments and new photo notifications would versus published in the appropriate news feeds.

Alex Hutnik said...

also, somehow my iPhone autocompleted 'be' to 'versus'

Oosah said...


Thanks for bringing Oosah as a reference into your blog post.

I'd like to point out that you may indeed move content quickly and easily from any site to any site with Oosah, however we have temporarily disabled the Flickr connection due to performance issues.

We should be re-enabling it soon, and then you'll be able to move content into and out of Flickr once again.


Dan K
Oosah.com, CTO

Adam said...

@alex hutnik
Something like that would be ideal. We talked about this before; this is why I said I hadn't found a Facebook Flickr application that was good enough yet. This still isn't perfect, but to me, it's better.

Thanks for getting back to me! This is a level of support I didn't expect. I was just disappointed that after watching you guys present, going home and trying it didn't work. I'd be willing to try Oosah again once you get the Flickr connector working.