PixCede: First working version!

It now seems that PixCede is "working enough" to justify putting up that blog I've been avoiding. Thanks to Simple PHP Blog, I was able to get one up really quick without having to install database software.

After fighting with the mailparse extension for PHP, I decided to switch to the PEAR mimeDecode module. From what I understand, it will run a little slower than the extension, but it has the main advantage of working. The move to mimeDecode follows the initial proof of concept that used procmail to pipe new messages to the command line utility munpack, which was being called from within a PHP script. Currently, procmail pipes to a PHP script that does the MIME decoding in the same script. The only other thing I'm doing is creating a thumbnail for the main page, renaming the image, and storing it to disk.

Like I said, functionality is basic right now. I don't have a database running; images are just renamed to {timestamp}_{md5 of content}.jpg. The naming convention takes care of order of submission, and throwing the hash at the end makes sure that unless two people submit the exact same image at the exact same time, there won't be any collisions. But, then again, if the image is the same, and the submission time is the same, would you really need it stored twice anyway?

I still have a huge todo list:
* Allow images to be directly accessible
* Automatically update the main page when new pictures are submitted
* Video uploads
* Confirmation SMS with direct URL
* Browse by time periods

I'm not sure what the "final" product is going to end up looking like; it will just be a continual evolution. While this is completely open and anyone can use it, I'm assuming it's still going to be people I tell by word of mouth for now. If you have suggestions or comments, please let me know!

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