Cross Country Road Trip #4

It's that time again -- time for me to make another cross country road trip in the Nissan, although this will probably be the last one for a while. Here's the tentative schedule:

Day 1 [Jan 12] - Cleveland to Memphis (visiting Lisa Keung)
Day 2 [Jan 13] - Memphis to Houston (visiting Charles Larrabee)
Day 3 [Jan 14] - Houston to El Paso (for no reason other than the song)
Day 4 [Jan 15] - El Paso to Vegas
Day 5 [Jan 16] - Vegas to Palm Springs
Day 6 [Jan 17] - Palm Springs to {somewhere between LA and SF on PCH}
Day 7 [Jan 18] - PCH to San Francisco
Day 8 [Jan 19] -
Day 9 [Jan 20] - Spend the day in San Francisco
Day 10 [Jan 21] - Lia flies back to Cleveland
Google Map

So... it looks like we have a day of play in the schedule. Suggestions?

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kaity said...

Wow sounds like fun! I've never been out of New Zealand. Have fun.