Lake Havasu to Bermuda Dunes

Lake Havasu was a short 200 mile drive to Bermuda Dunes, where Lia's parents and little brother live. On the highway to I-10, a train track parallels the highway. The train tracks are elevated on little hills, and the entire way is graffitied with messages on the side of that hill written in rocks. As an added attraction, every time there's a bridge over a dried up creek, there's an extra slanted surface to write on that's much closer to the road. Lia and I made our own contribution.

Pictures from the trip to Bermuda Dunes

We got to Lia's house in the middle of the day and her little brother was home. When her mom got home, we went to the Verizon store to get Lia a replacement one. She ended up with a Samsung Juke, which I think it really cool. It has a plate the spins clockwise off the phone to open it and has a really skinny screen. I like it, but it's not the phone for me. Since I'm looking to upgrade, I checked out the Voyager and other QWERTY phones -- I'm sick of T9 and Motorola's iTAP. We had dinner at Lia's house and then saw Juno with her brother. Juno was a lot less comedy and a lot more Little Miss Sunshine than I was expecting. The soundtrack is pretty good though.

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