The Best Way I've Seen to Fill Out PDF Forms

It always makes me cringe to have to fill out a PDF form for something. As technologically savvy as (I think) I am, I usually resort to filling it out with ink and sending it in. I know that Acrobat Professional will do it -- the problem is, not every computer I use has it (work laptop) or can have it (to be fair, I haven't investigated it for Ubuntu).

But finally, I found a nice web application that lets you load a PDF form and fill in the fields directly online. Which means: free and platform independent. I'm really digging the trend towards web apps like this!

Check out PDF Escape yourself!


popstac said...

I use pdffiller.com. I think it`s better because you don`n have to install any sofware.

Reynaldo Rivas said...

Hi. This service here allows you to easily edit, upload or download and how to fill PDF forms.

You can fill out PDF form, save it, fax it, and email it.