One Finished Table!

Alright, enough was enough: it was time to finish the table. I had been holding off on finishing the top because the mouse sander just wasn't cutting it. Luckily, Craigslist came to the rescue again; Saturday morning, I found a used Craftsmen Belt Sander for $40 in Walnut Creek. It turns out Walnut Creek is about 50 miles away from Palo Alto... but even considering gas and time, it was still worth the venture.

It took me about 20 minutes to hone my technique, but then I was able to hone the table top (tip: go with the grain, always). I decided to reinforce the table frame, at the urging of my brother by putting diagonals across the top of the frame:

Reinforced Table

Next step: varnishing. I found some polyurethane varnish that is supposed to protect without staining. Between coats, I used 00 steel wool between coats to smooth it down. Four coats later, finished!


Look at that shine! Next: refinishing the entertainment center.

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Lia said...

I must say, not only is it incredibly ridiculously good-looking, but it is also one sturdy table.